Music Festival Outline

 “CHITAHANTO SPRING INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL” will hold many concerts all around Chita-Peninsula during the festival period, from Saturday, Jan. 26 to Sunday, Mar. 10, 2019.
 This music festival is to be made up by everyone, with the purposes of town making by culture for all citizens, culture delivering from the local area, and tourism promoting, as enjoying arrival of spring with music.
 From this year, this music festival has become “CHITAHANTO SPRING INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL”. Music is borderless. We wish a lot of communications coming up from various music.
 In order to enjoy the music festival with as many people as possible, we would look for the artists, and also the places where music can be played, not necessarily halls, such places as hotels, hospital lobbies, cafes, and shops. We will also hold the matching event where the artists and place offerers can be connected each other.
 We are looking for your applications. Taking part in this concert is sure to develop your careers.

Place ♦ Offered places all around Chita-Peninsula
(Restaurants/Cafes, Hotel Lobbies, Hospital Lobbies, Welfare Institutions, Private Halls and etc.)
Artists ♦ Public applications, Invited artists

Music Festival Period

開催期間 ♦ Saturday, Jun. 26 to Sunday, Mar. 10, 2019

Offering contents and conditions

出演者一覧はこちら 会場提供者一覧はこちら

Orientation Meeting

Orientation meeting for the artists and the place offerers will be held to explain the details about the music festival. Question and answer session will be included. You are, therefore, kindly requested to attend it.

<1st> Sunday, Apr. 15 @ Kagayaki-Hall Yumetaro-Plaza 14:00-16:00
<2nd> Saturday, Apr. 21 @ Hibiki-Hall Yumetaro-Plaza 19:00-21:00

How to apply for the matching event

Date Saturday, Jun. 10,2018
Time 14:00-17:00
Place Kagayaki-Hall Yumetaro-Plaza (etc.)

Application form for both artists and place offerers
Please download PDF, Excel, or Word file.  Down load PDFdata is here>>

Aritists: Please submit form 2 “Concert Plan Entry Sheet”.
Place offerers: Please submit form 3 “Place Entry Sheet”.

If printing is not available, you can get the application form at Yumetaro-Plaza. In case you prefer receiving it by mail, please send us the letter, informing your address, name, phone number, with the envelope with 140 yen stamp enclosed. Our address is: 〒470-2555 Aichi-ken Chita-gun Taketoyo-cho Daimonda 11 “Application Form Request for SPRING INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL.”

Deadline Date by 17:00 on Saturday, May 26, 2018
How to apply <by letter>

〒470-2555Aichi-ken Chita-gun Taketoyo-cho Daimonda 11
TEL.0569-74-1211 Yumetaro-Plaza
E-mail is here>>


Brochure appearance

Information of decided stages will appear in the brochure issued by the steering committee of CHITAHANTO SPRING INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL2019.
Deadline of the notes is Sunday, Sep. 30, 2018.

Homepage appearance

Information mentioned in the brochure and also information submitted during Monday, Oct. 01 to Saturday, Dec.15, will appear in the stage information of the website.